The tale of the Corporal

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The tale of the Corporal

Post by Drakfot » Mon Jan 23, 2006 11:57 pm

The tale of the Corporal.

Dear Homins have you heard the tale of the corporal ?

In every town throughout Atys, walking the streets or standing on a forseen
place, there is a corporal standing. You may have met them several times during
your journeys and explorations of the lands and surroundings nearby. They have
talked to you, comforted you when in need for dappers, and they have always seen
to the safety of Homins. You speak to them to recive tasks to complete against
a fair given reward while you also aid them in seeing to that areas are more
secure. One could almost name them caretakers of the citial borders.

The sun slowly rose over the mountains in the far and let its beams slowly
wander over the lands removing the shadow created by the night. As the light
became brigther animals started to wake up , streching and yawning, then to see
to their part of the day. Homins started to wake up and get ready for another
day of survival, crafting or learning. She felt that this was to be a good day
as she stretched her body as she got up from her bed. As she put her armour on
and got ready to leave her apartment she thought that; yes a good day indeed. As
she exited the apartment the sun instantly reached her face and beamed its
strength at her, she enjoyed the moment for a few seconds before she opened her
eyes and walked out into the town.

" Greetings Corporal, all well this day? " A Guard said as he passed by her.

" Hello, yes indeed its a lovely morning and it tells me that it will be a fine
day. " She replied and walked down Lorias Rise.

" Fairhaven, the town that never sleeps in the lands of wind and water. The
place where Homins meet and speak to eachother, the place where the new and
young ones arrives after their initial training. The town of hope. " She thought
to herself as she closed in on the giant meeting building. The balcony there is
a popular place to stay for meetings for its fresh air and wopnderfujjl view. "
She thought as she walked along Lorias Rise and gained in on the trainers. " Oh
yes, there is an Matis embassy comming into Fairhaven today is there not. I must
see to it that everything is fit for it. "

She rushed her steps towards the bar, now this might sound strange that an
member of the protecting army seeks her way to the bar the first thing in the
morning. Yet still it is rather logical; for one thing the barman delivered the
most wonderful sandwiched baked on stinga and shooki seeds with a lovely layer
of fresh cheese made on the finest of Milk from Messabs. It was her favourite
breakfast. The other thing was that the bar seemed to be a place where many
Homins find their ways, intentional or not, and therefor is a good place to find
those that wishes to work for a small amount of dappers.
So there was two good things combined for her.

" Hello there Corporal , I see that you have a rush today. Here you have a
little something " The Barman said and tossed a small package at her.

" Thank you so much, I will talk to you later. I have some things to see to
before. " She said as she opened the package; its contents was two of the best
sandwqiches she knew. " You sure are a Master of breakfast "

" Ah hahaha!! " Echoed from the bar as an asnwer.

She quickly passed the last bridge that led to the lands. She stopped at the
arch that was a sign of the entrance to the town and looked at the guards
standing there.

" Good morning ! Is everything alright? " She asked while she joyfully chewed
on a sandwich.

" Heya Corporal, things are fine here. Hasn't been a word since the shift began
last night. Well except for Barky there whom snores when he sleeps. "

" I do NOT ! Ahm... oups "..

" Haha, great work my friends. Im glad that all is fine then. See you later. "
She said while laughing so much that she almost dropped the second sandwich.

She walked over to the table that was close by to talk a bit with the stable
It seems as he had reported in a missing Mektoub a few days ago with the thought
of a possible stealing. And she had asked both the guards and Homins to seek for
it. But it had given less than results. Until a last night as a Homin had come
walking into the bar asking her about a stray Mektoub he had found as he was
swimming from Avendale to fairhaven. It later turned out that it was the Mektoub
they had been looking for. It had run away as it had seen the blue birds that
now and then take flight from the grounds. The owner had said that that the
packer was a rather curious one and always wanted to see all things new. So it
had followed the direction of the bird for a little while and then got lost on a
small island where the kind Homin had found it standing among a few Yubos,
trying to call out for its master.

After a quick conversation with the stable boy she found out that the overnight
cure had done great and the owner was to fetch the packer later today. She
walked over to it and petted it a bit. Then gave it the last of her second
sandwich, which it happily ate, and then she turned her way back towards the

As she walked back she started to sort out what needed to be done for the day.
The Matis embassy was to arrive and the path must be cleared for them as a
proper welcome was in place. So she then knew what task to hand to the Homins.

Two sandwiches and lots of work, ah yes this was to be a fine day indeed.

This is a tale of The Corporal. *bow*
I am but a crafter of words

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