The tale of It Takes Two to Team

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The tale of It Takes Two to Team

Post by Drakfot » Tue May 08, 2007 10:26 pm

La'sima and Sien'go had always been the best of friends since birth. They had
spend most of the day growing up together, was it during school or battle
training, or magical and healing studies they were together. They had spend most
of the days doing things together or ...

Now how had it come to this ? How come they had made a such decision to do this
during that last conversation, why ? It had started out as any other conversation;
about how the day had been, the weather had been and what they had done. Perhaps
it was here it had started to go wrong in the discussion. When he mentioned how
well he had managed to craft his new Light Armour, admittedly she had teased him
just a little bit, but it seemed as he had taken more to heart then what was
intended. She never wanted that to happen, but it seems as the spirit of the
moment had swept them both away and before they knew it they were not just
talking loudly, they were almost on the verge of arguing about what sort of armour
suited the best for all situations. Before they knew it they were shaking hands
over an accord that they would put it to the test.

And what a , plainly speaking, silly thing it had been for them to do she thought
as she sat leaned up next to a tree. Beside her were the remains of three Cuttlers
as they had attacked her when she ran by. She had managed to battle them down, in
her own made Medium Armour, with no bigger trouble. But as the third one had
joined in it had turned a bit more complicated, it is not hard to fend off one
while focusing attacks on the second one. But when a third enters the scene of
the battle it could prove a hardship. Luckily her armour had sustained their teeth
as they had bitten her in the arms and legs, but she could still feel how some of
the teeth had penetrated the armour and was scaring her skin, still she had not
given up this battle. She turned around quickly leaving one of the cuttlers that
had a hold on her arm flying through the air as she had thrust her dagger into
one of the others and as it staggered around to finally fall on the ground she
had raised her sword to parry yet another attack from the second cuttler. It had
gone as she had planned, soon enough did also the second cuttler fall down
making its last movements on the ground before life faded away. She stood there
as blood started to come out from a few of the holes in her armour, it was
nothing dangerous as it was likely from one of the bites that had gone through
the armour.

But suddenly there was something jumping on her from behind and she fell
headlong onto the ground. As she lied there trying to see what it was and trying
to grab her sword it came to her mind, the third cuttler! She looked around and
found her sword but the moment she grabbed it something started to drag her
around in her foot moving further and further away from the safety under the tree
into the open wild where there were not only Cuttlers, but also Jugulas and other
fauna that would soon attack if the saw the easy prey. She turned around the best
she could as her ankle allowed as the Cuttler had a firm grip around it and when
she moved she could feel some of its teeth passing through the skin. She winced
but could not loosen the grip of the Cuttler. She even tried to slash it over the
head with the sword, but its movements were to fast for her to be able to reach
far enough. She looked around quickly and saw that most of the other had moved
away from the area, it was a bit safer. But for how long? Suddenly the cuttler
let go of her foot and made ready to jump towards her in attack. She rolled over
to her back and placed the sword in her hands fast enough so that she ended up
with the Cuttler standing over her with her sword in its mouth. She had evaded
the attack, but was still weak from the earlier battle and the dragging to be
able to counter attack. In fact, she was not even sure how long she would be able
to hold this position.
The cuttler shook its head, still holding the sword between its razosharp teeth,
and it was to powerful and sudden for her to be able to manage. The sword flew up
and landed about ten metres away. All she had now was her dagger to defend
herself, and the raged roar from the Cuttler told her that it would not make any
change to the situation.

It revealed its giant mouth as it walked towards her with the intent to bite.
Then it all turned white for her..
She felt a tingling sensation through her body as the light faded away.

"...up" She heard.. what was it?

"Get up, it's not down yet. Get UP!" A male voice shouted to her as another
sensation passed through her body.

Sien'go?! He came running towards her and stopped as he was standing next to her.
As the sat down his foot a large electric bolt formed in his hands as he thrust
it towards the Cuttler that just regained its consciousness from the first attack.
His armour was also damaged, torn at some places and had holes after bite marks.
She could see that the wound on his arm had been a deep one as the armour had to
protected the skin well enough. But he stood firmly next to her as he gave her
a hand getting back up on her feet again. The Cuttler jumped towards them as he
put the sword back in her hand and then pushed her away from her causing a gap
between them so the Cuttler had nothing to hit.

For the moment of the second it took for the Cuttler to land and turn around
facing them they both gave each other a quick look and then said to each other
simultaneously :

"We are a team!"

As the Cuttler made another attempt to jump towards them, roots came up from the
ground holding it down rendering it unable to move at all. La'sima grabbed the
handle of her sword as hard as she ran towards the Cuttler just as the roots
released their grip. She thrust the sword deeply into the throat of the Cuttler
that staggered around before it fell to the ground betaken of its life.

La'sima and Sien'go hurried back to the tree to sit down to regain energy.
Luckily, there was but one Jugula that was close enough to reach them, yet
together, they both fended it off easily. They both thought how much easier it
was when in team then one their own, yet none of them spoke it out loud.

As they say down they once more looked at each other, at their fine armours that
had been in one piece when they had left earlier. And now was not far from torn
rags. They laughed.

"You sure looks like something the Torbak dragged in Sien'go" La'sima said and
smiled as she put some bandage on her ankle.

"And you look like something a Cuttler dragged around." Sien'go said as he was
caring for his arm.

Once more they laughed, this time heartily.

As they both got up and looked at the road ahead of them Sien'go said :

"We are friends, right?"

"Yes, but we are also a team" La'sima replied.

"Good, then lets test these armours..." Sien'go started to say as he looked at

"Together" they both ended the sentence in unison.

This dear Homins be the tale of It Takes Two To Team.
I am but a crafter of words

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