A stir in the lands ( Atys Chronicle Writing )

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A stir in the lands ( Atys Chronicle Writing )

Post by Drakfot » Thu Feb 09, 2006 3:59 pm

A writing I made of Atys Chronicle. You can find it here.

A stir in the lands

Time past , days walks, ordinary chores and Homin talks.

The outposts had finally come to the lands on Atys and with them brought
their part of what to make the continuous fate of the planet. Steadily it
began to move towards the calm it once held.

It was then as the words of Guide Ranger Orphie Dradius reached the
Homins. A note on the noticeboards told them that the Kitins had once
more started to advance towards the homes of Homins, that they now was
more fierce and angered then ever before. And that they had learned their
lessons from previous storming. They were hardened in skin and mind to
once more claim the throne upon Atys. But there was hope to find even in
such dire news, for Atys holds a great treasure in its bosom, Homins.
Orphie Draduis the brave and vigilant ranger had scouted out the Kitins
before they were able to advance enough to gain an advantage. Thanks to
this Homin their plans could still be stopped at its very beginning.

The note called Homins together, to join up side by side and to fight not for
the lands of Zoraï only, but for Atys itself. Orphie also told that since the
day Homins emerged from the Roots they had not only learned how to
make a new start, but also found clues that would aid them when it came
to understand the Kitin. Not only would Homins now fight for the survival of
today, but also in attempt to make Atys a more secure place in the future.
When reading this note many Homins though that they would now be able
to make good use of all the training they had undergone, their skills would
now be put to the test.

At the given time they arrived in Zora, the capital of Zoraï lands. Such
sight there was to behold as Homin upon Homin came entering the town, it
seemed even the Zoraï's themselves were surprised to see so many new
faces and guests. What was even more delightful to see was that Homins
had left all quarrels among themselves at home, they were now even if it
be for a short time, united against the largest threat against them. They
had spent time and strength to ready themselves for this task. Such life
there was in Zoraï this day. Many was excited over what they would face
and what challenges it could bring. Others found themselves nervous
thinking about how these Kitins had been described. Still they were all
determined to fight and do what was necessary to thwart the Kitins plans.

Soon Orphie Dradius joined in and told them that the destination was
Desertstock. It might sound strange to some, as this place is often
traveled especially by Homins that wish to see the world. Yet no such Kitins
had been seen around this place where Najab's and Kipestas were more
common. What they had not noticed was the tunnel the Kitins had
successfully dug out in this place and it was through this their storm would
begin. Hearing this the Homins instantly set out towards Desertstock. Many
of the local fauna was wondering what be happening that day as the earth
shook as if it quaked. It was the sounds of Homins feet that ran over the
lands and was accompanied by the encouraging shouts of many voices.
Atys had sent out its forces..

As they closed in on Desertstock some Najab's tried their luck in hunt but
was greatly proved wrong and thus suffered defeat from the many Homins
whom passed. Soon they scouted out where the entrance to the tunnel
was and they stormed in ready to face their foe. At first it seemed to be
quite an easy task for them to defeat the Kitins whom roamed inside of the
tunnel. But soon they came to realize that they had met a foe that was far
mightier in numbers then they. But strength is not always counted in
numbers. Devotion, Courage, Determination and Bravery are some words
that together can be united under a common word, strength. And this each
and every Homin had.

A fierce battle began, Homins and Kitins where everywhere. Some fell
quickly and some put up quite the struggle for the Homins. Some managed
to pass the initial Kitins and continued towards the nest. It be known that
once a Kitin leader has fallen many of its followers are placed in shock and
distortion. But this could not possibly have been done without the brave
Homins whom stayed and held the ground for those that sat out to find the
Queen. Everyone did their part in battle, none was less significant the the
other and soon they stood facing the Queen. As she saw them coming all
the way into her lair she gave off a heart tearing roam and at an instant
Homins were surrounded by Kitins more then the eye could count in a
glimpse. And they all aimed for Homins nearby.

One might think that defeat was at hand when seeing this massive horde
of Kitins, but do not doubt Homins, especially determined ones. As the
Kitins at first had the upper hand in battle it was soon turned to their
disadvantage. Cooperation adds to strength and it did not only do this, it
also turned the battle into their fortune.

After a long fight and hard battle the Queen fell onto the ground, she was
defeated. As she hit the ground she ripped up some dirt and in this pile the
precious larva was found. It might sound a bit odd, but even from this
much information was to be gained. Orphie grabbed the larva and placed
in a bag for keep safe until it could be delivered onto the hands of the

In joy the Homins returned to Atys to celebrate the fall of the Kitin Queen.
As they sat down Orphie's friends told tales of the old in honor and
memory of the previous encounters.

So yet another battle was placed in the history of Atys, the living planet full
of life.

This night Zoraï came to life and the echoes of Homins was heard from far
and near.

// Drakfot
I am but a crafter of words

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